Time difference

Please note, we are in the little paradise that is the Cook Islands, on the main island of Rarotonga. And being in paradise, we are in a different timezone (which is UTC -10 or in the Hawaii/Aleutian Time Zone).

To avoid any issues with your flight arrival, please provide as much information to our team through our forms, so we can ensure we are at the airport when you land.

The following picture and table are a guide to what time and day it would be, compared to a couple of main cities around the world.

If it is 1 pm in the Cook Islands, on a Monday in August, then the time would be…

timezones compared to the Cook Islands
picture of the world map, showing times relative to the Cook Islands
Los Angeles USA 4 pm Monday +3 hours
New York USA 7 pm Monday +6 hours
London UK 12 am Tuesday +11 hours
Rome Italy 1 am Tuesday +12 hours
Berlin Germany 1 am Tuesday +12 hours
Beijing China 7 am Tuesday +18 hours
Perth Australia 7 am Tuesday +18 hours
Tokyo Japan 8 am Tuesday +19 hours
Sydney Australia 9 am Tuesday +20 hours
Auckland New Zealand 11 am Tuesday +22 hours

*Please note that the times above are only a guide. Depending on where you are in the world, daylight savings could apply, so please visit a site like www.timeanddate.com for more specific time conversions for when you intend to be in paradise.