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Please let us know if you have a question or need more information that you couldn’t find on our site, we want to hear how we can make your Cook Islands Tours experience – the best it can be.

Location: Harbour House, Avatiu, Rarotonga.
Phone: +682 20639

Please note, we are in the little paradise that is the Cook Islands, on the main island of Rarotonga. And being in paradise, we are in a different timezone (which is GMT -10 or Hawaii/Aleutian Time Zone).

The following table is a guide to what time and day it would be, compared to a couple of main cities around the world.

If it is 1 pm in the Cook Islands, on a Monday in August, then the time would be…

Los Angeles USA 4 pm Monday +3 hours
New York USA 7 pm Monday +6 hours
London UK 12 am Tuesday +11 hours
Rome Italy 1 am Tuesday +12 hours
Berlin Germany 1 am Tuesday +12 hours
Beijing China 7 am Tuesday +18 hours
Perth Australia 7 am Tuesday +18 hours
Tokyo Japan 8 am Tuesday +19 hours
Sydney Australia 9 am Tuesday +20 hours
Auckland New Zealand 11 am Tuesday +22 hours

*Please note that the times above are only a guide. Depending on where you are in the world, daylight savings could apply, so please visit a site like for more specific time conversions for when you intend to be in paradise.