Sunday Church Service

The Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) is the first and oldest church in the Cook Islands. Its congregation perform a way of singing that combines traditional and choir singing to form a very unique blend of Cook Islands hymns.

This video by Cook Islands Tourism offers a little piece of what the signing is like in Church, but, you need to be there to appreciate it, as this doesn’t quite do it justice.

All churches in the Cook Islands welcome visitors during their normal church service.

We recommend that you attend the Arorangi CICC Church, because they conduct their sermons in both Cook Islands Maori and English.

Please wear respectable clothing to church. Any form of beach wear is not recommended. Men can wear short sleeve shirts but no tank tops or singlets. The ladies tops should not show too much bare shoulders.

Offering is taken during Sunday services and you are welcome to make a donation. At the end of the Sunday service the church elders with the pastor invite all visitors for light refreshments.

Cook Islands Tours is happy to provide return transfers to and from the Arorangi CICC Church. If you want to attend other denominations, it could cost you more depending on the distance you are from that church.

Church Transfer

If you want to have an amazing cultural experience at our local church, please contact us to book your Sunday transfer online.

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