Here is what is in the Best of Raro Pass

1. Rarotonga Orientation & Sites Tour

Get the most out of your holiday on Rarotonga by taking this tour soon after arriving on the island and learn about all the interesting spots that you can explore by yourself, later on throughout your holiday.

2½ hour tour, inclusive of return hotel transfers. Starts 9.00 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday

2. Progressive Dinner - Through Local Homes

Enjoy three courses with each course in a different local home. Explore the tropical garden that the host of first course has to offer before travelling to your main course where you will be treated to a buffet feast, a large Cook islands family gathering.

4½ hour Progressive Dinner to Island Homes inclusive of return hotel transfers 5.00 pm Monday & Thursday

Koka Lagoon Cruise

3. Koka Lagoon Cruise

Don't miss a fantastic day out with Koka Lagoon Cruises exploring famous Muri Lagoon. Make your Rarotonga holiday a memorable one, and let their multi talented crew treat you to an experience you wont forget - snorkelling amongst lagoon life or enjoying through glass bottom; non-stop entertainment with ukulele playing, pareu tying, weaving (score yourself a pair of kikau glasses!); enjoy a delicious fish bbq feast, amazing coconut tree climbing show, coconut husking and more!

4. Te Vara Nui Over Water Night Show & Buffet Dinner

Te Vara Nui proudly invite you to the biggest Over-Water Island Night Show on Rarotonga delivering an electric authentic cultural performance like no other... Enjoy their delicious Island/Western Fusion Buffet prepared by local and International Chefs.

2½ hour show (Self drive - we recommend an arrival time of 6:45pm)
7.30PM Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

5. Farm Direct Pearls Discount Voucher

Receive a discount voucher for 15% off any Black Pearl purchase over $100.

Best of Raro Pass

We have made life a little easier for you by putting together these must see & do activities into this BEST OF RARO PASS, so that you can get the MOST out of your Rarotonga stay. After all, holidays are about relaxing and having fun… NOT wasting time making decisions. Please get your dates ready and click below to make a booking!